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"One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty councils."
- Woodrow Wilson

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Anthem Hypocrites

I really don't like how some NFL players are using our National Anthem as a platform for protesting. But I really don't understand fans in the stands booing then for it.

After all, shouldn't they all be standing at attention, with their hands on their heart focusing on Our flag, and not some jackass on the side lines? 

Being disrespectful to our Flag as pretty much always been a pet peeve of mine. But right now many how are up in arms about this, haven't been true to their current words. 

I've been to many, many public events where the National Anthem is played. And many, many people stare at their phones or talk though the Anthem. 

Some need to practice before they preach on this subject.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Getting old sucks. For man and beast alike.

At little after 1:00pm today, I did one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. The physical act wasn’t too hard at all; in fact it was pretty simple. I just made a phone call to set up an appointment. It’s what the appointment was for was the hard thing to do.

At 9:00am tomorrow morning the Veterinarian is going to put my dog Buckshot to sleep.
Buckshot is a happy go lucky yellow lab. Tail is always wagging and a grin is always on his face. For the last fifteen plus years, he’s been my constant companion. But fifteen plus is very, very old for a yellow lab. While his tail still wags, not much else works right anymore.

Buckshot has been deaf as a post for a year or so now, and hard of hearing long before that. He doesn’t move very quickly. But over all he’s been fine moving at a slow pace. Knowing he’s been on bonus time for years now, I’ve accepted long ago that this day is coming. I’ve just hoped I would somehow be able to avoid it. Maybe luck out and find that old buck peacefully past in his sleep.

Over the last few weeks, it’s become evident that I can no longer avoid things by waiting. Buckshot has now pretty stopped eating, he struggles to get up and his breathing is very laborious. Even though he is losing muscle mass from not eating much, his belly as swollen on one side to suggest a tumor is growing rapidly. Trying different dog foods has not sparked an interest in eating more. While he still seems to be grinning, and his tail is definitely still wagging, Buckshot’s body is giving out on him fast.

This was a very tough call for me to make. I don’t want to cut my dog’s life one moment short, but I don’t want my dog to struggle. I have to accept the truth that my dog is already struggling. It’s time.

Tonight I’m going to drive him across the street to see the neighbor dogs one more time. It’s strange to think I’m going to drive him the short distance he used to bolt across when my back was turned to play. After that it will be some extra play time with me. Thinking I’ll end up spending the night on the floor with him, just so I can soak in all the time we got left together.

Getting old sucks. For man and beast alike.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

VLOG 001 | July, 17th 2016 | The World's Coming to an End & I Broke My Phone


Since I never seem to find the time anymore to write a blog, I decided to give this format a try.
Click on the above link to see my first vlog attempt.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ford now makes unmarked police cruisers more.. unmarked...ier

Recently Ford announced they have a new low profile emergency light design for their police vehicles. Personally, I think they are a pretty cool design. Discrete when not in use, yet very visible when in use. Not to mention they just plain look cool. But quite a few online have their collected undies in a bunch over them. 

It seems many believe that all police vehicles should be painted in glow in the dark colors so the general public can see them from a county away. Otherwise, so I've been told, the cops are just sneaky underhanded revenuers who are looking to turn a profit by issuing speeding tickets. 

Even if that silly idea was true, all you'd have to do is drive at a reasonable speed, stop at stop signs, keep a safe distance from other cars and a few other common sense things and they'll leave you alone. Personally I set the cruise at 63 mph on the 55 mph highway I take to work. I see at least one municipal Officer, County Deputy, and or State Trooper everyday on my commute and I've never been pulled over. But maybe they're not "revenuers" in my area, or I've been lucky enough to always time meeting them after they met their "daily quota" for tickets......

I read one comment online that stated if "all police cars were brightly painted, people would obey the laws when they saw them, so the cops wouldn't have to right tickets." Here's an idea, why don't we just follow the traffic laws that are in place for our safety, if a squad car that is painted safety yellow is present or not. I guess that person feels they should only be honest when they know someone is watching. Personally I like to think the majority of us have the ability to behave civilized without the need of an authority figure present. But hey, I'm kind of the person who take responsibility for his own actions, so what do I know.

That is kind of the point of an unmarked police cruiser. To blend into the public and stop people who can not follow the rules while they are in the act. As long as the laws they enforce or within the limits of our Constitution, what could possibly be the problem?

But by far the funniest comment I saw online was someone saying unmarked cars are against international law. The person went on to say if a foreigner was need of assistance and was unable to flag down a Police Officer because they could not see them, the foreigner could sue!

Okay, after we all stop laughing at that one, let's think about that one. First, I've never heard of such "international law" and I'm not going to bother wasting my time researching it. If it was real, I'm sure some bleeding heart would have made enough fuss about it to bring it to all of our attention by now. And if it was "international law" no one should care.We are a sovereign national made up of united yet individual states who govern themselves.

Secondly, an Officer in an unmarked car would not drive by an accident or other disabled vehicle without stopping to help. Or at a minimum call it in to dispatch if the Officer was already responding to a more critical situation. 

But just for the fun of it, lets say it is against the law for a police cruiser to be unmarked. Not only that, but a person could sue because they could not flag down a police officer because the could spot the police cruiser. How the hell would they know a cruiser went by if they could not spot one to begin with?

I've confessed a long time ago that one of my guilty pleasures is reading the comments posted to online article about hot topic items. It's a lot of fun for me to just set back and laugh at the stupid. I don't see how low profile emergency lights can be a"hot topic" it has became. Perhaps I need to be angry at the man for writing me a speeding ticket for going 15 mph above the posted speed, simply for the profit it generates.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Everybody's the Next Hitler

Seems like shortly after I started paying more attention to politics, two annoying trends have started. One is the press putting forth an effort to publish pictures of politicians speaking in mid sentence, so they have a weird or goofy look on their face.

Back when the media still had a shred of degnity and professionalism, those images would be discarded in search for a good shot of the candidate. Now they do the opposite so they can make the person look bad.

The other more annoying and even more childish trend is done more by politically active, narrow minded people.  That's saying a political figure you don't like is the next Hitler.

George W. Bush, next Hitler. Barrack Obama, next Hitler. Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump; Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, and of course Hitler.

Apparently now that we're seven decades removed from the Second World War; the sheer magnitude of that war and political scene of the time has been lost. The volume of human life lost and the amount of resources wasted. Entire cities leveled. A countless number of people whose lives  were impacted.

A countless number of people who would take the very worst political leader of today's world over Hitler in a heartbeat. Like the 16 million Jews who were treated and slaughtered like cattle in concentration camps and millions more who nearly died as slave labor. Or the millions or other political prisoners and prisoners of war forced into slave labor.

Or all the people across Europe whose homes, places of business and worship were leveled by bombing runs and artillery barrages. People on all sides who were drafted into a war. A war that would kill more soldiers in a typical week than the last decade and a half of the war on terror.

For me, anyone who compares any politician to Hitler loses all credibility. Both on political topics and has a rational human being in general.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Challenge of Carpooling

I switched jobs about a year ago. I finally gave up on the company that was only five miles from home but was going no where, to going back to a company that I enjoyed working at that was 65 miles away.

By chance another engineer I've worked with before who lives near me also works there. So the good thing is since we work in the same department and have the same schedule, we carpool and I save hundred plus dollars a month.

Unfortunately the bad thing is the guy not only is always late, he thinks it's funny. Besides this being unprofessional, I find his nonchalant attitude about his poor habits is extremely disrespectful to all around him.

Especially disrespectful to the guy who puts forth the effort to manage his time so he's at the appointed meeting place each morning on time or a little early, only to  wait for him for ten to twenty minutes past our agreed leave time every morning. Not to mention making sure he's ready to go at the end of the day, only to wait for a host of revolving excuses due to a whole day of poor time management.

Between waiting to go to and leave work an average of 20 minutes a day (yes I've kept track) for a rough total of one hour and forty minutes a week; I also can't commit to meetings right after work since I have no idea how long I'll have to wait for my ride share to power down his laptop to bring home and not use until he brings it back to work the next day. Not to mention the rage I need to suppress daily. That can't be good for me.

There are roughly 16,380 reasons why a overly punctual guy like me tolerates this. Each mile I don't put on my vehicle per year commuting because I carpool. But I'm really wondering $1,300 or so spent on gas & oil and the added wear on my vehicle is really worth it. My time and patience has a price too.

I know I should be a responsible professional adult and tolerant the fact that my car pooling partner is not a responsible professional adult. Day by day the time wasted waiting makes that a more and more difficult task.

The two or three people who follow this blog may have noticed I'm getting into the habit of posting here more often. If you find what I write here interesting, or at least think some of the people you know would enjoy this stuff, please share this with others. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my rants and ramblings!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pope Francis, Tear Down That Wall

Memes like the one above are floating around the Internet since the Pope's back handed comment about Trump. Yes, the Pope did not build the walls around the Vatican and he did not bring in the Swiss Guard to provide him and his city state security. They've been there for centuries. So long the Vatican would seem odd if they were suddenly removed.

 But the walls are there and the Guard has not been sent back to their home country. It's way to point out what you consider flaws in others, when you're gotten used to and enjoy the benefits the same flaws.

The Pope's comments are in tune with Hillary Clinton or Micheal Bloomberg saying law abiding Citizens do not need guns to help them be safe, while being surrounded by armed bodyguards when they speak those very words.

 Now before I go any farther, let me make it clear I'm not putting forth an effort to defend Trump. I like how he has energized the election race and has forced other candidates to step up their game by dropping the PC crap that's been destroying our country. But Trump would make a lousy President. His out of control ego and how he's so childish when he doesn't get his way is not the characteristics require for a good leader on the world stage. If he refuses to show up to a debate because some cable network news anchor hurt his feelings by asking him a question he didn't like, how is he going to handle foreign dignitaries abroad and other politicians in DC who have different views? Will he boycott and or threaten to sue them as well?

But one of the things I do agree with Trump on is we need to secure our boarders to the same level other countries do, like Mexico. Remember our Marine who was locked up in a Mexican prison for months because he took a wrong turn and crossed the boarder? That boarder needs to be as or more secured if one is facing north as it is facing south.

Our country needs immigration reform. Major immigration reform. It should not take good people many years and tens of thousands of dollars to come into our country legally. But it needs to be controlled in such a way we make sure the people coming into our country are going to make it better, not worse.

The two or three people who follow this blog may have noticed I'm getting into the habit of posting here more often. If you find what I write here interesting, or at least think some of the people you know would enjoy this stuff, please share this with others. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my rants and ramblings!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dined and Dashed

Yesterday I did something I never did before and figured I'd never do at this point in my life. I dined and dashed. Well, kind of.

There is a small bar & grill not too far away from my work that many of my coworkers and I frequent for lunch. Typically on Tuesdays, when they have a burger special, the place has so many of my coworkers there; we joke that the place is our off site lunchroom. Some of us go there so often we can order for other team members who are running late because we know what type of burger they always get. I typically go there two or three Tuesdays a month. So it doesn't seem like the right place for me to pull off a dine and dash, but I did. Well, kind of.

Yesterday a coworker and I were sitting at a table waiting for our burgers, when the Owner who was also our waitress came up to us with a anxious look on her face. She told us that she forgot to put our order ticket up and just noticed it. She then said she ask the cook to get our going first, but our lunch will be awhile. She apologized and we told her not to worry about it. When she brought our food out she again apologized and we again told her not to worry about it.

For me and my coworker, this was not that big of a deal. Mistakes happen. My lunch taking ten minutes longer than expected is not the end of the world. Since I typically work through most of my lunches, Burger Tuesday is kind of a treat for me. So an extra 10 minutes away was something I wouldn't worry about.

After we finished our lunch, the owner placed the bill on our table and apologized once again. When we were getting ready to leave, we noticed she crossed off out tab and wrote "No Charge" at the bottom. Neither of us were comfortable about that. We waited until the owner was out of site, then quickly placed our normal amount of cash on the table for the meal & tip and slipped out the side door. We did this weird kind of dine and dash because we knew the owner would have refused our money if we tried to pay.

Now I am not the type of person who automatically tips. Don't get me wrong, the vast majority of the time I tip pretty well. If I get real good service I will tip very well. But if I get poor service I won't leave much. If real bad, I won't tip at all. Not tipping is extremely rare. With this sad, some may be confused why I paid plus tip for a free lunch.

Well, it was because I had received better than normal service with my late burger. The owner handled the situation perfectly.

* When she saw the error, the first thing she did was correct it by having the cook made it the top order.
* Then she informed us of the error in a timely manner.
* She took the blame for the mistake and told us she already made a correction.

Not every server would have done all those things and all in the correct order. Some would simply apologies maybe even not until the food was served. Some would pass the blame to the unseen cook or other kitchen staff who couldn't defend themselves. This is the times I would have accepted a free or discounted meal.

Sometimes even when you don't have a good overall experience, you still get excellent customer service. That's why I had to dine and dash.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Participation Trophies and the Death of Justice Antonin Scalia

"What is a moderate interpretation of the text? Halfway between what it really means and what you'd like it to mean?" ~ Justice Antonin Scalia

With the recent sudden and unexpected passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the Internet is abuzz. It really saddens me to see what some of the progressive left have to say. Now I'm not going to waste my time typing and your time reading a bunch of text condemning the heartless, spineless, brainless drivel currently being spewed by these self righteous half whited morons. Because let's face the cold hard truth; if a Supreme Court Justice like Ginsburg or Sotomayor passed away we'd being seeing the same sad vile shit being spewed by self righteous half whited far right wing morons.

While reading comments posted on Twitter and Facebook in regards to Justice Scalia, I keep telling myself that what I'm seeing is just a very small, yet, very noisy percentage of Liberals. I also want to think that, of that very small percentage, most of them don't truly believe and feel what they are posting online. They're just simply trolling to piss off Conservatives. I tell myself that to keep my hopes up that the Human Race is not completely loss. But I may be in self induced denial to avoid the truth that Mankind has reached it's peak and we are in the decline in civilization.

I don't understand why one would celebrate the death of a political figure such as Justice Scalia. As the quote from him I used to open this post with, he simply did what he was appointed to do; make sure our laws follow the guidelines of our Constitution. But since most Progressives don't like our Constitution, that makes people like Justice Scalia "the enemy" to their hopes and dreams of an all controlling central government to take care of them, at the cost of they're personal liberties. Something else I don't understand because I'm of the mindset of having Liberty over security.

I guess anyone and anything telling a Progressive to "go out there and create your own success, you have the freedom to do so" is something to be hated, when all they want to hear is "trust the Government and give up your Liberty for the security a central government says it will provide you." For the Progressive it's much easier to hate & be envious of those who created their own wealth & security, and vote for those who promise to take care of them, than to take the risks & put in the hard work to get it on their own. Somehow they think it's "fair" to take away from the Risk Takers, the Producers, and the Hard Workers to give to those won't take risks, produce, or work hard.

You'll notice a large portion of the people online celebrating the passing of Justice Scalia are of the younger generation. The generation that grew up getting trophies just for participating in soccer games that they don't keep score, in the name of "fairness." Now a generation of people with this mindset of everything and everybody should get the exact same reward no matter what they contribute is happy that someone, who thought that all should get an equal opportunity to succeed but the success is up to the individual, is dead.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

What was he thinking?

This week was an interesting one at the office. A coworker has found himself in a lot of trouble. I mean life changing, things will never be the same for him and his family trouble. 

This week there were hushed conversations and gatherings around computers with the local paper's websites story displayed, with our coworker's picture of him in an orange jumpsuit. All with shocked and saddened coworkers shaking their heads in disbelief for what is going on with a well liked coworker. Often the rhetorical question of "what was he thinking" being asked.

None of us were there or involved with the situation, so only speculations and therories have been discussed. Some logical, some down right stupid. But it does remind me how somebody's life can change incredibly, drasticly and permamently in a matter of seconds.

The more I think about that, the more I think about the very world I know (and the world you know) can come undone in mere moments, at anytime. If during a critical moment in time poor choices lead to more poor choices, then panic, then really bad decisions or actions the results can be irreversible. Kind of like a horror or crime drama version of the 1970's sitcom Three's Company.

What saddens me the most about this current event is the reaction of some of my coworkers. The "what was he thinking" type comments, in my opinion, are a normal and legitimate response. It is a good question. The reactions I don't like are the ones along the lines of "gee just when you think you know someone" type of comments. At least for now it's too early to completely condem someone's entire life and character over one very troubling event.

Humans are interesting creatures to say the least. We're inquisitive to the point where our minds demand the answers to the things we don't know. Our minds demand answers so much, if we don't have the information to satisfy our curiosity, we will make it up on our own by speculating, theorizing and jumping to the quickest conclusion that makes sense at that very moment.

The saddest part about this process is once we make up our minds based on our imagination fueled on some incomplete details; we won't believe the actual truth if it doesn't align with our personal theory that became "fact" without knowing the vast majority of the information.