Quote of the Week

"One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty councils."
- Woodrow Wilson

Friday, January 1, 2021

Do You Really Think 2021 Will Be Any Better?

 Do you really think 2021 will be any better?

It will for me. I know that. But will it be any better for you? That is entirely up to you.

I've been constantly seeing it online and hearing it in person: "I sure hope 2021 will be better." I'm sure you've seen it too. It's next to impossible to miss it on any social media platform you choose to scroll through. But the cold hard truth is if someone is merely hoping for a better year, they will be sorely disappointed.

Hoping doesn't improve things, doing improve things. 

Don't hope. Don’t wish. Don't make vague and lofty resolutions.

Make meaningful, realistic goals. Make detailed plans to achieve those goals. Track your progress and do the actual things required to achieve the things you want to do that will make 2021 better.