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"One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty councils."
- Woodrow Wilson

About This Blog & Me

About this Blog

I've been kicking the idea of having a blog around for quite some time. My friends and family always seem to like my Facebook posts, with my goofy sense of humor and the sometimes serious points I make. I always liked the idea of having a blog as an outlet for random rants, thoughts and opinions that would simply not be a good fit for Facebook, G+, LinkedIn or other forums. Now that I took the 3 minutes to set this up, I really wonder why I haven't done this years ago.

Please note I am an engineer by trade, not a writer. I do my best to use proper grammar and spelling, but I'm far from perfect. Spellcheck doesn't catch it all that I throw at it and I have a tendency to leave a word out here and have an extra word there.

My goal is to blog as often as I can and on as many subjects as possible. Basically it will be what ever is on my mind at that time. From time to time I may add a page to this blog that is devoted to something that I feel should receive special attention.

If you have any general questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions for this blog; please feel free to comment below.

A Little About Me

I live in a small town in Northwestern Wisconsin that's a few miles from the Minnesota boarder, where I work at a small machine shop that is in the defense industry. I've been working there since 2007 as a Project Engineer and an Estimator. Before that I was employed in the mold making industry since 1996; where I've done everything from entry level manual machining & driving the company truck, to positions in engineering and management.

The most important things in my life are my family and friends. Enjoy spending as much time with them as I can. My family is amazing.

Basically I live in the woods. I often see deer, wild turkeys, bear and other wildlife in my yard. I enjoy the outdoors that I am so lucky to live in. Floating the St. Croix river, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, harvesting wild rice and cross country skiing are some of the hobbies I enjoy.

My other interests include reading, football, hockey (just watching now, playing days are behind me), and trap shooting.

So, What's With The Name?

I know Too Young To Be A Curmudgeon is a pretty odd name for a blog, or anything else for that matter.  The story behind that name is I'm not exactly a people person. I blame that part of my personality on my Norwegian ancestry. Once, after a rather comical rant I had at work, my boss shook his head and said "Shane, you're too young to be a curmudgeon." We all chuckled and I replied "You're probably right, yet here I am."

Since it is a pretty memorable phrase that describes me well, I figured it would make a great name for a blog.


Since I'm not a good writer, I thought it might be easier sometimes to create a quick video blog or vlog from time to time. I'm not a good public speaker, so they're not going to be very good either.

I tried for about 2 weeks to make the perfect video, but just got frustrated with the whole process. I decided to just do simple, one take videos and accept they won't be perfect.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel intro video I have to warn you, it's pretty bad. But with a little practice over time they may become almost bearable to watch.

I will post vlogs, product reviews and some general videos on things I find interesting.

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