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"One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty councils."
- Woodrow Wilson

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alice In Chains As KISS Doing Laundry

Alice In Chains has been one of my favorite bands since high school. I love their new stuff. Tonight, while I was doing some homework, I had the music playing on the iThing and Alice In Chain's "Your Decision" played. Being about done with the homework, I went to YouTube to see the video (if there was one). As YouTube goes, one video leads to another, and another lead to the one attached.

I had to watch because, well as you can see, the thumbnail is Jerry Cantrell in KISS make up.I really enjoy watching Jerry Cantrell being interviewed. It's fun to watch rock musicians like him speak. They break the stereotypes and show that  heavy metal types can be very intelligent and well spoken.

I was kind of moved about the band's thoughts and feeling about moving on after their original lead singer's, Lane Stanley, untimely death. Death has been on my mind a lot lately. Dear friends and others in my small town have been dealing with some tragedies. My family is dealing with some heavy stuff right now too.

Recently I came to a real resounding understanding about life and death. People never "get over" losing someone special. But over time, we all move on. A part of us dies along with the loved one we lose, and at the same a part of them lives on through us.

Oh by the way, the video for "Your Decision" is probably going to give me a nightmare tonight.


  1. Dressing up as Kiss and doing laundry. That's funny.

  2. I know! I crack myself picturing a record label PR guy saying to the band "To promote the new album, we plan to film you guys talking about how them band reformed and made this album, while you're getting KISS make up put on." The band members say "Okay, but why are we putting on KISS makeup?" The PR guys says "Because you'll all go to a laundromat." The band thinks about it for a minute and says "Sounds cool, let's do it."

    At least that's how my warped sense of humor pictures it.

    Thank you, Eric for reading! - Shane

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