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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When The Internet Giant Ignores You, Write A Snarky Email Reply To Their Autosender

After spending the last hour trying to fix an issue I surrendered. I tried to create a new email address for work, but somehow something is wrong with my payment information. Not only I can't access it, I can't contact customer support. I'm not the most computer savvy person around. I know the problem is most likely me. But I can't get in contact with anyone to help me figure out what I did wrong. So to vent, I wrote their No Reply email address a nasty letter. Not a mature or productive thing to do, but kind of fun.

Dearest No Reply Email Address That No One Will Ever Read,

Sorry, but I can't fix the problem. Hell, I can even see what the problem is. I can't access, let alone update my payment information. None of your FAQ options help. You don't have a telephone number or an email address to which I could ask for some help.

I tried the chat option on your "help" page, but that requires a PIN that I can only get once I access the account that I can't access.

I'm sorry, but I will not be able to resolve the issue. I guess I'm just not smart enough to give you money each month for your product that I can't get to work.

Even though typing this message has been a waste of time, it was a good way for me to blow off some steam. But,if you ever wonder why I stopped using your product, I hope somehow you'll know I tried. I really did.


The above isn't just my extra dry sense of humor at work. I really did that. I'm not bragging, but I'm not ashamed either. I just thought some of my friends would get a good laugh at it.

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