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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Generation of Narcissists, Brought On By: The Tee Ball Effect

Generation of Narcissists, Brought On By: The Tee Ball Effect

The above is a link to an article I found interesting, and it discussing something I call "The Tee Ball Effect" (or is it affect?). Kids are now brought up in an environment were everything is made "fair." No winners, no losers. We don't keep score in tee ball, so the kids who lose won't have hurt feelings.We don't punish kids who misbehave, but ask them to behave.

The problem is, like my Dad told me when I was young; in the real world fair is only a place were you ride the tilt-a-whirl, eat mini doughnut, and try not to step in horse crap. Generations are now being raised sheltered from the realities of the world.

In the real world there are winners and losers. Some win honestly, some don't. Some deserve to lose, some don't. Most short cuts will leave you short of where you want to go. While hard work and perseverance is you best option, but success is never guaranteed.

Now we have kids "occupying" Wall Street because it is unfair that they didn't get jobs, with six figure incomes, right out of college to pay off their six figure debts. Debts they attained by living off campus, buying iPhones and other expensive toys, while studying for a degree that has no marketable career path.

Sure they could have studied something boring, like accounting or business, while living a modest life as the broke student they are. And then they could have worked hard and climbed the cooperate ladder. But then they would be the very thing they are so envious of. Someone who id successful in a difficult, unforgiving world. But that wouldn't be fair.

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  1. My son played Upward basketball at a local church. This was one of those we don't keep score feel good deals. Guess what EVERY KID asked when the came off the court? "Did we win?"
    The parents kept score and told the kids. After one season I said, "No more."
    America is about competing. If you want a society where everyone has the same as everyone else? Move to Cuba or North Korea. You'll love it there.
    What did these kids learn in college? How do they think we got so prosperous? I'm pretty sure the Industrial Revolution is taught in a history class somewhere.
    Rant concluded. Well spoken sir.