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"One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty councils."
- Woodrow Wilson

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

You Better Think About It Before You Start Packing

The other day I ended up finishing my Christmas shopping at a Gander Mountain. Kind of last minute, but I was still on schedule and on budget. Nothing on a credit card. Another debt free Christmas, but that's not what this post it about. I'll rub that in mid January, when you all get your Visa bills.

As I wrapped up my shopping, with time to spare before the Packer game, I decided to do a little window shopping in the gun department. As I expected with the recent events, there were a fair amount of people in at the handgun counter, looking at the smaller concealable models.

I have mixed feelings about concealed carry, and the site at the Gander Mountain made me a little uneasy. Recently Wisconsin past conceal carry laws making it legal to carry a concealed firearm. I know quite a few people who now are permitted to carry. There are quite a few who are planning or at least think about doing the same now.

Before you jump on the heat packing bandwagon, please think it over. While it may be your right that is protected by the 2nd Amendment and upheld by the State; it is a huge responsibility that nobody should rush into.

I was made to feel a little better when I overheard the conversion a couple was having with the man behind the counter at Gander Mountain. The couple said the the woman has been considering carrying a handgun for "a long time now." She has been going regularly to a range a shooting a handgun owned by her husband/boyfriend. She has completed the conceal carry training required by the State of Minnesota (which as much stricter requirements to get a permit than Wisconsin) and now she is confident she is ready.

That was the big statement that made me feel better. She was confident she was ready. Not that she wanted to carry, not decided it was time to carry. She was confident she was ready. This wasn't a decision based on pure emotion. It was thought through and the proper steps were taken.

She didn't go out and buy the smallest gun she could find that held the most bullets, went to a range for a few hours to figure out how to shoot and rushed through the permit process. Nope, this lady was taking her time and made sure she was ready to carry and that she was confident in her choice.

As I listened in on the conversation, I found that the couple did their research. She has tried several sidearms at a range and had a short list of makes and models she found to fit her well. The couple asked very good questions about function, reliability and safety features. Never once was asked "how many bullets does it hold."

If you are considering getting a concealed carry permit, please don't rush into it. If there is anything you should be overly prepared for, carrying a gun is it. Spend a lot of time at a gun range trying as many different makes and models you can. Once you narrow down a list of possible side arms you'd consider carrying, consult some experts. Talk to the people behind the counter at several different gun stores. Talk to gun smiths and instructors in your area and get their opinions.

Even as this world seems to get crazier by the day, I have no desire to carry a concealed firearm. When the concealed law past in Minnesota and now recently in Wisconsin, I was repeatedly ask if I was going to get a permit. My standard response has been I don't want one. If I need to carry a gun in my pocket in order to feel safe in an area, I just won't go there.

But since I like to be prepared, I will be taking class for concealed carry some time in 2013. It's one of my resolutions for the year. Even though I will most likely never exercise the right to carry, I want to be prepared. There may be some unseen upcoming reason that will change my mind.

I've recommended to several people to take the training. Even if they do not own a firearm and have no desire to ever carry. There is a lot of things a person can learn from the classes. Not only how to properly handle a handgun and the laws involved, but you'll learn skills on being aware of your surroundings. It's a great idea to learn how to avoid being in a position that would require you to defend yourself.

Far as how my window shopping went, a .40 caliber Walthers PPS did catch my eye.
Here's a nice YouTube video showing the 9mm version. I have watch several videos posted by "Hickok45" and found them to be very informative.


  1. I couldn't have said this better myself. I am exactly of the same mind. I will get mine in 2013. Will I carry? Probably not. But if I ever have the need I will be permitted.
    Excellent post sir.

  2. Thank you very much, OkieRover. I too will be receiving a concealed carry permit by Spring 2013. And I too have no plans to ever carry publicly. I'll go into more detail on that in another post. Thanks again for the compliment and thank you for reading. - Shane Lien

  3. I got my concealed carry permit last March, but do not have a gun. The hubby and I are still looking and thinking about what we want. My daughter also got her license and we did buy her a handgun, although she usually leaves it at home.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Bag Blog. I'm glad to see others are making responsible decisions about what and when they carry.

      Far as choosing what you want to carry, if you decide to carry, I found this channel on YouTube

      This guy is very knowledgeable and has posted many videos on concealed carry, holsters and handguns you may be interested in.

      Thank you for reading my blog - Shane Lien