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Monday, December 31, 2012

Dem Representative Moves to Block Obama's Congressional Pay Increase

Dem Representative Moves to Block Obama's Congressional Pay Increase

Once again, an article on Drudge about the Congressional pay increase via Executive Order catches my eye.

Earlier today my Representative, Sean Duffy, posted to Facebook that he plans to introduce a bill to block this. I usually avoid commenting on post like that, but I suggest he should donate his raise to a worthwhile charity and challenge all the other members of Congress to do the same.

If I was in Congress I would milk it out for all it's worth. I'd call a press conference and present an oversize check to a charity that's working on a cure for juvenile diabetes, or something similar. In fact, I would donate an extra $50,000 just to shut up the people who would whine that I wasn't doing enough, even though they haven't (and won't) donate one red cent to any worthwhile cause.

I would also use this soapbox to voice how I believe better to donate to charities and other causes directly, than having your money taxed and given to those who need it through the welfare system. I feel it's more cost effect and faster to give money or food and clothing to a community food shelf, than have money taxed and go through the government to people in need via food stamps. I will tell the people I represent to take advantage of tax breaks by giving directly to food shelves.

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