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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The New Phenomenon Called PTSD

"The problem with expanding this is that you know with the advent of PTSD, which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War" - Senator Dianne Feinstein

WHAT?! WHAT?! How can any human being on the face of the earth, above the age of 8, possibly believe PTSD is something new? Please tell me that quote from Senator Feinstein is made up.

It's not. See the video here

Now I'm not a expert on world history or human psychology, but I'm pretty sure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has been around since the dawn of man. It's gone by many names. "Shell Shock" "War Nerves" to name a few. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something that can effect anyone who has ever experienced a traumatic life changing event.

This is not something limited to combat veterans; who Senator Feinstein has mistakenly insulted every one before the Iraq War and I don't mean just U.S. Troops. Every man, woman and child that has gone to war she has unintentionally disrespected by that ridiculous comment.

Beside soldiers; countless police, firefighters, paramedics and first responders have dealt with PTSD from their chosen professions. Also victims of physical and sexual abuse have suffered crippling effects from PTSD, along with many others from all walks of life.

The term PTSD may be something Senator Feinstein never heard of before the Iraq War, but it's been around.

I wonder if she feels gun violence has only been around since 1965, when the AR-15 was first made available to civilians by Colt? Or if violence has only been around since the gun?

A friend forward the attached video to me, because of my views on gun control and the 2nd Amendment. But this goes far, far beyond that. This has me all worked up, and it is not a 2nd Amendment issue. It's not about a Democrat vs.Republican issue, or a Conservative vs. Liberal thing either.

What bothers me is this. Congress has about a 20% approval rating. Every election, we end up sending about 80% of the same people back to Congress, expecting things to get better. Even when we send someone "new", it's usually someone from the same old guard.

For a perfect example of that, one needs to look no farther than my state of Wisconsin. Last year one of my Senators, Herbert Kohl retired after holding office for 24 years. He was replaced by Tammy Baldwin, who had been representing Wisconsin's 2nd District in the House of Representatives for the last 14 years. Both are from the same political party. Along with Senator Kohl's predecessor, William Proxmire, who was Senator for 32 years.

(Side Note: for more on how I feel about that, please see my earlier post "Can We Recall The Candidates")

Even if Senator Baldwin becomes a one term Senator, by being defeated by a candidate from another party; that one Wisconsin Senator's seat will be held by someone from the party for 62 consecutive years!

From every state of the Union, our U.S. Congress is made up of, more or less, the same people. Same people, same ideas holding the same office for decades at a time. Ideas like PTSD, being "a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War."

I really don't care what Senator Feinstein's political views are. It wouldn't matter to me if she was as liberal as humanly possible, a smack dab middle of the road moderate, or a right wing extremist. If she thinks PTSD is something new, she shouldn't serve on a neighborhood zoning committee, let a lone the U.S. Senate.

But she does, and she will.

Regardless how her gun control bill goes, regardless how she votes on anything or what she says before the TV cameras; this woman will be re-elected until she dies, or wishes to give up her enormous amount of political power to a younger version of herself.

We will continue to complain about Congress and we will continue to send the same people there.

I'm a big fan of the twelve year term limit idea. But maybe one term is more than enough.

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