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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Participation Trophies and the Death of Justice Antonin Scalia

"What is a moderate interpretation of the text? Halfway between what it really means and what you'd like it to mean?" ~ Justice Antonin Scalia

With the recent sudden and unexpected passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the Internet is abuzz. It really saddens me to see what some of the progressive left have to say. Now I'm not going to waste my time typing and your time reading a bunch of text condemning the heartless, spineless, brainless drivel currently being spewed by these self righteous half whited morons. Because let's face the cold hard truth; if a Supreme Court Justice like Ginsburg or Sotomayor passed away we'd being seeing the same sad vile shit being spewed by self righteous half whited far right wing morons.

While reading comments posted on Twitter and Facebook in regards to Justice Scalia, I keep telling myself that what I'm seeing is just a very small, yet, very noisy percentage of Liberals. I also want to think that, of that very small percentage, most of them don't truly believe and feel what they are posting online. They're just simply trolling to piss off Conservatives. I tell myself that to keep my hopes up that the Human Race is not completely loss. But I may be in self induced denial to avoid the truth that Mankind has reached it's peak and we are in the decline in civilization.

I don't understand why one would celebrate the death of a political figure such as Justice Scalia. As the quote from him I used to open this post with, he simply did what he was appointed to do; make sure our laws follow the guidelines of our Constitution. But since most Progressives don't like our Constitution, that makes people like Justice Scalia "the enemy" to their hopes and dreams of an all controlling central government to take care of them, at the cost of they're personal liberties. Something else I don't understand because I'm of the mindset of having Liberty over security.

I guess anyone and anything telling a Progressive to "go out there and create your own success, you have the freedom to do so" is something to be hated, when all they want to hear is "trust the Government and give up your Liberty for the security a central government says it will provide you." For the Progressive it's much easier to hate & be envious of those who created their own wealth & security, and vote for those who promise to take care of them, than to take the risks & put in the hard work to get it on their own. Somehow they think it's "fair" to take away from the Risk Takers, the Producers, and the Hard Workers to give to those won't take risks, produce, or work hard.

You'll notice a large portion of the people online celebrating the passing of Justice Scalia are of the younger generation. The generation that grew up getting trophies just for participating in soccer games that they don't keep score, in the name of "fairness." Now a generation of people with this mindset of everything and everybody should get the exact same reward no matter what they contribute is happy that someone, who thought that all should get an equal opportunity to succeed but the success is up to the individual, is dead.

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