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- Woodrow Wilson

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Everybody's the Next Hitler

Seems like shortly after I started paying more attention to politics, two annoying trends have started. One is the press putting forth an effort to publish pictures of politicians speaking in mid sentence, so they have a weird or goofy look on their face.

Back when the media still had a shred of degnity and professionalism, those images would be discarded in search for a good shot of the candidate. Now they do the opposite so they can make the person look bad.

The other more annoying and even more childish trend is done more by politically active, narrow minded people.  That's saying a political figure you don't like is the next Hitler.

George W. Bush, next Hitler. Barrack Obama, next Hitler. Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump; Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, and of course Hitler.

Apparently now that we're seven decades removed from the Second World War; the sheer magnitude of that war and political scene of the time has been lost. The volume of human life lost and the amount of resources wasted. Entire cities leveled. A countless number of people whose lives  were impacted.

A countless number of people who would take the very worst political leader of today's world over Hitler in a heartbeat. Like the 16 million Jews who were treated and slaughtered like cattle in concentration camps and millions more who nearly died as slave labor. Or the millions or other political prisoners and prisoners of war forced into slave labor.

Or all the people across Europe whose homes, places of business and worship were leveled by bombing runs and artillery barrages. People on all sides who were drafted into a war. A war that would kill more soldiers in a typical week than the last decade and a half of the war on terror.

For me, anyone who compares any politician to Hitler loses all credibility. Both on political topics and has a rational human being in general.

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