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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another King Kong Movie, Another Example of Why Hollywood is Dead

Hollywood is pretty much dead. They ran out of ideas. They're out of touch with their audience.

Now days the majority of movies coming out of Hollywood are remakes, reboots or comic book movies. This year we've seen a host of comic book movies, reboots of Mad Max, Ghostbusters, the Magnificent Seven, just to name a few.

If they put out something with moderate success, then it's sequels until they run out of ideas for a story line (or books to base the movies from). Then the throw in a prequel or two just to see if they can squeeze one more film out of it.

Now I've seen the trailer for a new King Kong movie..... Really? And there is a new King Kong vs. Godzilla already in the works. Sad, so sad.

From what I picked up from the one trailer I saw, is it appears the movie is set during the Vietnam War era. I'm guessing that since there were UH-1 helicopter carrying soldiers wearing olive drab US Army uniforms and carrying M-16A1 rifles. But that's just my guess. Who knows, maybe they are modern private contractors with a flare for retro gear.

I guess the time frame isn't important. What's important is that Hollywood so lacks any creativity they have to rehash a movie idea that was originally done in the 1930's and has been redone over and over again already.

I'm sure they'll mix it up by adding some political undertones that no one wants.

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