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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Book Review: Death by Meeting | Patrick Lencioni

I've read most of Lencioni's books and own several. I recently started to make a point to re-read them on a regular basis. Most of his books are written as a "business fable" that covers the topic of his book, with a detailed overview at the end of his principals detailed in the book and suggestions on how to implement them at your work.

I recently finished re-reading Death by Meeting. Which is well needed since the meetings at where I work are starting to get out of control. I constantly hear and occasionally say something along the lines, with a heavy sigh, "great, another meeting. Wish I didn't have so many meetings so I can get some work done."

Even though most professionals know that work is done in meetings and that they are a critical part of work. Yet too often not much is accomplished during the meetings.

This books tackles how to get the most out of meetings and offers some good advice on how you and your company conducts meetings. The "fable" portion of the book is well written. It is entertaining and the story has characters and events that will remind you of related situations and interactions you've had.

Even though I'm not in a position with the company where I can dictate how meeting are held across the company, or even in my department; I can control how I interact with others in meetings and how I conduct the meetings I arrange. I've found the information in this book a great tool to help get the most out of meetings.

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