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Monday, November 5, 2018

Since When Did Getting Up At 6:00am Become Sleeping In?

I’m a morning person, but I sure didn’t start out that way. Up until my mid or late twenties, I’d stay in bed until I had no choice to get up. I was horrible. I’d show up to school with my hair still wet from my morning shower.

As I grew older I discovered easing my way into the day made the mornings less hectic and more productive. Taking the time to fully wake up, enjoy my coffee and a breakfast starts the day off on a much better note than running out the door with a Poptart hanging from my mouth.

Now days, I’ve taken it to another level. Long gone are the days of arriving somewhere with my hair still wet from my morning shower. Besides no longer have much for hair, I usually have showered at the very least an hour before I leave the house for the day.

I enjoy a morning routine of preparing for the day. Besides enjoying a big breakfast & coffee, I get several household chores out of the way, along with my side endeavors before I leave for my day job.

The early morning hours can be some of my most productive hours of the day.

I’ve now gotten to the point that if I sleep in until 6:00am, I’m disappointed at myself for wasting an hour of my day. Since when is getting up at 6:00am sleeping in? I never thought growing up I’d become a morning person, but here I am.

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