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Monday, January 7, 2019

"Analog Deep Work" with a Bullet Journal

Recently I've decided to do some things the old fashion way. Such as handwriting some of my blog posts with pen and paper. So far I've found several advantages with using this method.

Less Distractions

When I sit down to write a post on a computer, distractions are just one mouse click or notification alert away. Its so easy to momentarily lose my focus and click onto my web browser for a "quick mental break." Only to spend the rest of my time I had available for writing surfing the web.

Even when I'm behaving and staying focused at my task at hand, sometimes I can't resist the urge to check email or some other unrelated task.

Sitting down with simply a nice pen and a blank spread of paper in my journal is a simple, convenient, and fun way for me to find focus and my creativity.


Since I started keeping a Bullet Journal, I pretty much always have what I need to write a blog post close at hand; a pen and my journal. Now, when I get an idea, or a have some down time, I can start writing wherever I am. No need to power up a laptop or be near one for that matter.I have virtually no limitations as to when are where I can write. There is no need for a computer, an internet connection, power, or even a table. As long as I have pen and paper, I can write. I've had some pleasurable writing sessions on a hiking trail in the middle of nowhere, setting on the ground with my journal on my lap.


I've found that its relaxing writing with a pen and paper. In this high tech high speed world it is therapeutic to slow things down by putting pen to paper. When you enjoy doing something, it is easier to set aside the time to do it, making it a productive habit.

Productivity Habit

As other who have adopted the practice of keeping a written journal, especially a Bullet Journal, have found out; I've discovered how the "off the grid" or "analog" approach of keeping a written journal can be a boost to productively and organization.

If you enjoy writing things down in your Bullet Journal, you will use the method more. The more you use the method, the more organized and productive you can become.

Not Just for Blog Posts

I'm finding that using my Bullet Journal for writing is far more useful than just for drafting idea for this blog. I've started using it for many personal and professional tasks. I draft emails, outline presentations, and schedule my day. I take meeting notes and compile action items and task lists from the meeting notes.

I get a fair amount of "deep work" done with my Bullet Journals due to their ease of use, reduced distraction format, and the simple enjoyment I get from writing with a good pen and a clean spread of quality paper.

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