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- Woodrow Wilson

Thursday, November 29, 2012

$7 Per Cup Coffee & Stupid People

Here's a link to something very funny yet very sad.

Starbucks now offers a premium coffee that's $7 per cup. Late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, setup a on the street taste test. Only neither of the samples were the new premium coffee.

Do you know what really makes me cringe? I can buy a whole can (makes 240 cups) of Folgers for $7 and have coffee for a month, and I know a few people who would justify buying Starbucks because it is soooo much better. Plus make fun of me for either being cheap, or not having any taste in coffee.

Some of these same people also complain about being broke and buy into the whole "rich get richer while the poor stay poor" way of thinking. That's partly because some of the poor are buying $7 per cup coffee from the rich, instead of brewing their own for a few cents per cup.

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