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- Woodrow Wilson

Friday, November 30, 2012

Habitat For Humanity Has It All Wrong

Habitat For Humanity is building another house on the edge of the town I work in. I really don't see why they're doing this. No, I'm not going to rant on and on about building a house for someone who can't afford one. But, what Habitat For Humanity is a huge waste of time, materials and money. Plus they are not doing as much good for the community as they could.

Within eye sight of the construction site are several houses that are sitting empty, and several more that are for sale.  To me, is seems like a much better idea for Habitat For Humanity to buy these properties, fix up what needs fixing (if anything) and give them to the unfortunate.

By doing this, Habitat For Humanity would:
  • Put people into housing in a faster time frame
  • Would most likely be able to help more people with their funds
  • Help out current homeowners who are on the verge of being foreclosed on
  • Help out the real estate market people
  • Reduce the unneeded sprawl of a neighborhood/town/city
Just seems wasteful in so many ways to build a new house, when a perfectly good house sits empty a block away.

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