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- Woodrow Wilson

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Very Interesting But Also Stupid

I spend some time on an online forum with a bunch of quirky people like me. One of the things many of us do is reply to other's comments with funny short YouTube videos or GIFs.

Tonight on a post, that had a ton of humor running through the comments, a friend commented with "Very interesting.........." Well I saw enough Laugh In re-runs on Nick At Nite to know what to search for on YouTube as my response.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find this little gem. Not only is it of Arte Johnson doing his trademark bit on the 60's show, but he his joined by Peter Sellers! I don't believe I ever saw this before tonight and it really made me laugh. Especially the part where Art Johnson say "nonetheless" and almost lost it.

I think I find comedians like these from a generation or two ago far, far better than the majority of comedians today. They could do simple bits like this and be very funny without any swearing or over the top sexual references.

Ironically today even with today's acceptance of foul language and crude humor, a bit like this one couldn't be done on prime time TV today. Too many people would be offended by the German World War II era uniforms.

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