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Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Book Worth Checking Out: All Hell Broke Loose by William H. Hull

A few days ago, I mentioned the above book, "All Hell Broke Loose," on a rant about people posting images of their thermometers on Facebook.

I wish someone on Facebook would post a picture of their thermometer. How else would I know how cold it is?

It is a book I have recommended others to check out many times.

"All Hell Broke Loose" is a collection of first hand accounts of the 1940 Armistice Day storm. You may find it to be a real eye opener to how much harder life was around here not that long ago. Not to mention how dependent on technology and others conveniences we've all become. I honestly think many, many of us wouldn't be able to survive living in rural Wisconsin or Minnesota in 1940, let alone during a natural disaster as a major blizzard in September.

One common theme in all the stories is of how the individuals remained calm and acted with purpose during their personal struggles against the storm. It is a quality that seems to be increasingly rare these days. They also had once common skills and supplies, like the ability to start a fire or have a reasonable supply of food on hand.

Having those once common skills and supplies will get you mocked for being a "paranoid prepper" by many people. Many people who would not know how to function if they lost cell phone service or electricity for a day or two.

Reading this book may make you marvel at how different life was three quarters of a century ago, admire how tough people of that time were, and notice how weak we've become.

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