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- Woodrow Wilson

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Procrastinators Having Problems Finishing Too

Does this picture look familiar? Does you laundry room or bedroom look like this? A basket of laundry, all clean and ready to be put away; but has been sitting like this for a few days? How about a dishwasher half loaded with clean dishes?

It's another type of procrastination.
Procrastinators like me have two main problems. One, we struggle getting started on a project. Two, we also struggle finishing a project, and don't mean we can't stop and just keep on working. I mean we stop with out finishing up the small things at the end.

Good example? A basket of washed, dried, and folded laundry sitting in a basket next to a dresser that's been there for three or four days. Got it all washed. Got it all dried. Got is all folded up nice. Just didn't quite get it into it's final place in the dresser.

If you're like this too, let's work on this together. Look around your house and/or office. See something almost done that's just sitting there. Finish it. Note it. Watch out for it in the future. But don't go over board running around the place looking for things to finish, for there is a good chance you'll get overwhelm with the amount of almost done projects and start pacing around in a mild panic and not get anything done. Speaking from experience here, and my Fitbit watch has the data to back me up.

Pick one, two, or maybe three items and work on them. Put your laundry away. When you get into the habit into doing that every time, move on to unloading the dishwasher. Then find the next thing.

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