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- Woodrow Wilson

Saturday, June 8, 2013

An open letter to the guy who flipped me off

An open letter to the guy who flipped me off a little while ago on the road,

 While you may feel I was tailgating, I was keeping a safe distance in relation to the speed we were traveling. You have every right to drive slow. In fact I would rather you drive way below the posted speed that over it. But to be honest, if you drive 23mph on a road that's posted 55mph and you intentionally block the line of cars behind you from safely passing, I don't care if your feelings have a boo boo now.

Not only were you being a self centered ass, but you were causing a potentially dangerous situation. A serious accident could have been caused if another self centered ass, much like yourself, was in that line of cars you forced to follow your redicoisly slow speed for the road conditions.

That self centered ass could have tries to pass five cars following your self centered ass, easliy causing an accident.

If you must travel these hilly back country roads at 23mph, ride a bike. 

No wait. Scratch that. Your probably one of those douchebags who scream "bicyclist have rights to the road" while you ride on the wrong side of the road, blow stop signs, and turn suddenly without signaling. 

The guy who just smiled politely and waved when you flipped him off.

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