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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

.357sig Initial Review

My initial review of the .357sig caliber handgun cartridge.

Originally, I had no interest in getting a .357sig barrel because I had zero interest in the .357sig cartridge itself. I never paid it much attention to since there are already so many options for handgun calibers. At the time it came out, I was shooting 9mm, always liked .45ACP, was falling in love with 10mm and was just becoming acquainted with .40S&W.

My opinion back then was there were already more than enough options for calibers for semiautomatic handguns. Without know much about it, I just assumed it filled the gap between 9mm and .40S&W and that wasn’t really a gap that required filling. I was wrong in every way.

Recently a friend of mine suggested I get the .357sig barrel for my Glock 23. I told him my above opinions, but he was politely persistent at encouraging me to do some research on it. So of course I went to YouTube and checked out some video on the .357sig posted by two people who I subscribe to their channels. I was impressed enough to buy a barrel.

Two boxes of Winchester FMJ target loads and a .357sig Glock barrel. 
I have had the barrel for a few weeks, but no ammo. This last weekend the stars aligned and I received a new steel target on Thursday and two boxes of .357sig target loads on Friday. Guess what I did Saturday? You guessed it, I mowed the lawn. But after that I set up my new target and did some shooting.

I started off shooting a .40S&W, something I shoot regularly so I could make a good comparison. When I put the .357sig barrel into the Glock and prepared to fire the first round, I was slightly hesitant. I was expect the gun to kick me around, but I was pleasantly surprised.

But the recoil was noticeably different from that of .40S&W. While the report was quite loader and kick was little stronger, it was very controllable. The kick seemed to be more straight back with  had less muzzle flip, which allowed for a faster follow up shot. The rounds were hitting the steel target WAY HARD. Extremely impressed!

Advertised ballistics data from Winchester.
If you haven’t tried shooting .357sig yet, I highly recommend you do. It is a very fun caliber to shoot. I will be posting a more thorough review once I shoot it some more.

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