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Thursday, June 13, 2013

NHL Hockey in June Just Ain’t Right

To say I’m a hockey fan would be stating the obvious. Grew up playing and watching every game I could. While I am no longer play, I still love to watch and follow my favorite players and teams. But, I am not and never have been a fan of NHL hockey in the middle of June.

Summer hockey should be for development and summer leagues for minor league pros and high schoolers who have a shot at college hockey. And of course high schoolers who’s over bearing, delusional, living-through-their-kids, parents think they have a shot for college hockey.

Side note: do you know who are some of the worse sports fans in the world? Parents of Class ‘C’ Bantam age hockey players. Because they are just realizing they have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on their kid’s hockey career and they will never play for the Varsity High School team, let alone get a college scholarship out of the deal. Those are some angry ass people.

I wish they would go back to having the Stanley Cup Finals in April. You know, when there still is some snow and ice around. It’s the middle of June; I’m wearing shorts as I type this and last night the Blackhawks and Bruins kept me up with three overtimes. That’s fundamentally wrong.

At least the Blackhawks are in it. They have been one of my favorite teams since I was a little kid. And it is pretty cool they’re playing the Bruins, another Original Six team. What makes June NHL hockey worse is when a team like the L.A. Kings is playing. Nothing against the Kings, but nothing screams hockey like a team from southern California, playing in June.

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