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- Woodrow Wilson

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dear Egypt, Keep Trying

As I type this post, there is chaos in Cairo (catchy phrase, isn't it). About a year after voting in their first democratically elected leader, citizens are massed in the streets demanding him to step down, and a military coup is in progress.

While this is going on, major media networks here in the States remain focused on a murder trial that should not be in the news in the first place. But since the media has put so much effort into hyping this case up by making it a racial issue, they need to follow through. Especially since they'll be covering the riots they  will have, in part, started because of their sensationalism. But that's for a different post. Let's get back to Egypt.

Egypt, one of the oldest countries in world, has been ruled by Pharaohs, foreign Kings & governments and Dictators for thousands of years. Finally it's people have freely elected their first leader, and in about a year they want him out of office. Not only do they want him out of office, if he doesn't back down and leave, they just might kill him.

While this may sound disheartening for freedom lovers around the world, no one should be discouraged. Chalk one up to inexperience, Egypt, and keep trying.

Just look at us, The United States of America. We've been at this government elected by free citizens thing for well over two centuries now. And it's been decades since we elected a President that the majority approved of for their entire term as our leader.

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