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Friday, July 5, 2013

My Dire Zimmerman Trial Prediction

I’ll get straight to the point. My dire Zimmerman trial prediction is this: If Zimmerman is acquitted; there will be mass protests in major cities that will quickly degrade into riots and looting. If Zimmerman is convicted; there will be mass celebrations in major cities that will quickly degrade into riots and looting.

Regardless of the verdict; cars will be burned, stores looted, other private property (all owned by people who have nothing to do with this mess) destroyed, and innocent people will be severely beaten if not worse. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but it’s going to happen, and we all know it.

I’ve made this prediction several times in several forums since this trial has started. Nobody I’ve discussed this with fully disagrees with me. Closest was “hopefully cooler heads will prevail.” Hopefully cooler heads do prevail, but I don’t see it happening.

We may not see mass riots across the nation, but there will be innocent people, who had nothing to do with this trial, will be victimized nonetheless.

Why? Why is this going to happen? Why has the media, from day one, been sensationalizing this story? Why has so much effort been put forth to make this a racial issue? Why? What is the reason?

This case is, sadly, nothing that unusual. Young thugs and thug wanna be’s are gunned down by the dozens every week in Chicago, Detroit and Washington D.C. alone. Where’s the outcry about their deaths? Is this the only time in American history that a confrontation between two stupid, macho strangers turn into a violent struggle were one is killed?

I’m not trying to downplay this tragically sad event. While both men handled the encounter stupidly and whether it turns out to be criminal or not, the results are the same: a young man is dead and another’s life is ruined. But this kind of thing happens often, and a transfer of power via a coup from the first democratically elected President of Egypt dose not.

While tanks roll through the protester filled streets of Cairo, the major 24/7 “news” networks here in the Sates carried coverage of the Zimmerman trial. I’ll ask again, why is there such a committed effort by the media to keep this case in our face?

Without sounding like a conspiracy theorist, saying the media is pushing an “agenda;” there is only one logical explanation: money. Sensationalized a tragic story, make it as racist as you can so you can jack up the ratings and cash in on the advertising.

First Zimmerman was White, then White-Hispanic. What the hell is “White-Hispanic? Is the opposite of a Hispanic-White? Are there also White-Blacks, or a Black-Whites, Asian-Blacks, White-Asians, etc., etc.? The media edits the 911 tapes and continues to show pictures of Martin when he was twelve. Why, to push for justice, or to push for ratings? You know there are book deals and TV movies in the making to capitalize on this frenzy. All for some people to squeeze out the last few drops of blood money.

This whole event is a horrible thing. And the media is pushing to make it worse. When the media is covering the upcoming riots remember: the innocent’s blood will be on the media’s hands.

I just wonder who the media is going to blame the riots and looting on.

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