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- Woodrow Wilson

Monday, July 1, 2013

The July 1st Storm

As July starts, one has to reflect on the ferocious windstorm that devastated this area a few years ago. I am still in amazement of the pure power of that storm and I will never forget watching the destruction has it happen in my yard. While I knew that even the majestic mature Oak trees that were in my yard would not live forever, I never would image their demise would be so sudden and so complete.

The storm, in a matter of minutes, changed our area forever. Giant mighty White Pines and Oaks that stood proudly against hundreds of storms, over many decades or even a century plus, were snapped like match sticks.

Views from the roads changed. Woods that you could view far into were turned into a tangled miss. Lakes and homes that were well hidden from passing traffic are now visible. The pure power and undiscriminating force of nature was shown at full strength.

While the drastic changes made to our woods saddened me, what I saw take place in the wake of that storm was inspiring. Neighbors getting together and helping each other clear the fallen trees from their roofs and drive ways. People checking on neighbors, making sure they were okay. Those who still had power or generators, offered space in their freezers for their friends and family.

I remember the crews of the local power companies putting forth an enormous effort to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. I was proud to notice that not only very few people complained about the power being off; I saw many people dropping off bottled water and sandwiches for the crews when they worked in their neighborhood.

Small acts of kindness like that speak volumes about the character of people around here. When events like this take place in other places, curfews are put in place and reserve police and even the National Guard are called in to keep the looting down to a minimum. And a bulk of the residents complain that the cleanup is not happening fast enough, while they do nothing themselves to help out.

As I type this, reflecting on that storm; I am reminded that this area is an amazing place to call home. Not only for its ever changing remarkable wilderness, but for the terrific people who live here

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