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Sunday, March 3, 2019

SFD Responder Ankle IFAK: Great Option

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to get back into the habit of carrying medical gear on my person at all times again. It was a habit I picked up, but soon fell out of.

As I went into briefly in my Happy New Year! post I am a proponent of carrying some medical gear on you whenever possible. Accidents and bad things can happen at any time, such as natural disasters, car wrecks, etc. Having quick access to items like gauze and tourniquets can truly be a life saver.

The problem I ran into was wear to have it on me. Even the most compact trauma kit I bought would take up an entire front pocket of my pants. Now I could work with this, but it just became an inconvenience that I didn't learn to overcome. Over time I went from carrying a small trauma kit, to just carrying a tourniquets (which was still way better than nothing) to back to not carrying anything again.

Then I started looking into ankle kits. Basically all they are is a soft wrap that goes around your ankle with pockets to secure some basic items. This seemed like the way to go, since I could keep a decent amount of medical at location that was out of the way, yet easy to access.

As I was researching this option, I came across this video on Byron Childers YouTube channel.

Byron and Dana McLendon start discussing ankle worn medical kits in general, then they compared the SFD Responder, that Dana has, to the brand I was considering buying. This video made up my mind to get the SFD Responder and I have no regrets. I now carry some trauma first aids basics all day everyday comfortably. 

If you are of the mindset of having the right gear to treat traumatic injuries near you, this may be a product you would want to look into for yourself.


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