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- Woodrow Wilson

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Don't Get What You Want for Christmas? Then Pull a Knife on the Old Man.

I saw this news story and got a little dizzy from shaking my head so hard.
Teen Pulls Knife on Dad for Failing to Get Him an iPhone, Cops Say

Is this really what we have become? So self centered and materialistic if we don't get what we want for Christmas we end up pulling a knife on our parents? I guess being able to raise kids with respect and values is becoming a lost art.

That's right. I put the blame squarely on the parents. Not rap or rock music. Not evil greedy corporations. Not mind numbing television and video games. It is parents raising spoiled sub-humans that will pull a knife on them if they don't buy them what they want.

The more we move away from having a strong work ethic and being thankful for what we have and more to this entitlement mindset of "I should have what others have because it's not fair otherwise" the more civilization declines.

We will complain about how poor the economy is and how nobody can find a decent paying job, but we are still willing to stand in line for the latest smart phone or video game. We fight over gadgets and other crap on black Friday the way a pack of wild dogs fight over the scraps of a carcass on the side of the road. And the wild dogs are actually a little better than us. At least they are fighting over something required for survival.

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