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- Woodrow Wilson

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"I am your wasted life" Nope. You're Ungrateful

Last night I was spending some time on one of my favorite forums. Somebody made a post with the title of "I am your wasted life." Well that got me curious, so I opened it up and almost immediately was severely disappointed.

The message was:
"I work for a Ford/Lincoln dealer writing service. Hero if the recession yeah right! 10.00 a year is our bonus but our punishment is work till 3 tomorrow and back 7am the 26th.
This message isn't for you out there that want to respond quit if you don't like it. It is for all those that have to work Christmas/New Years. You are not alone."
Of course this little bit of Holiday whining opened up a flurry of comments. Normally I just sit back and enjoy the show, but I had to voice my opinion on the subject after this guy responded to many people suggesting "to suck it up, you don't have it so bad."
"I see a few of have taken the position of being the one to give a lecture. As I stated, nobody is complaining, just letting others out there they are not alone. But to those of you who must be the ones to give the buck up and what not, Merry Christmas."
After reading that, I had to attempt to put the little buttercup straight. My comment was as follows:
No. That was you complaining. If you just said "those of you working this Holiday, you're not alone" would be one thing. You started off complaining about working and getting a small bonus. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, no employer is required to give employees time off for holidays.
Think you have it bad, try being a farmer or a rancher who doesn't get days off. Try being nurse, EMT or firefighter who is on call for 72 hours straight. Or a member of our military who has to spend Christmas on the other side of the world. Or even worse: homeless, unemployed, cold and hungry. Your Christmas isn't too bad.
And I repeat that statement now to anyone who is complaining about working on Christmas. Especially a desk job. Be thankful you have what you have.

I feel we all take for granted how great our "miserable" lives really are. I know for sure I do at times. It is easy to forget how truly blessed we are as we keep striving for something better.

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