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"One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty councils."
- Woodrow Wilson

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Little Things Matter

You know how Facebook has that annoying habit of reminding of stuff you posted a year or two again and suggest you post it again? Apparently Facebook thinks we're all like Hollywood. Out of original ideas and have to reboot everything.

Yes, I see the irony of the above statement while I post the below as a blog post. Just that I think it's something I  did at work that is worth noting here.

When he's not on the production floor, one of the Sample Techs pretty much always has a Mountain Dew in his hand. He worked into his lunch to get some extra parts molded for me, so I could send them off for testing before this afternoon.
When he placed the parts on my desk, I handed him an ice cold Mountain Dew as a thank you.
It is a small gesture that only cost me $1.25. But it showed my true appreciation of his effort and will bolster our working relationship. Well worth a buck & a quarter.
Little things like that can change the dynamics of your professional & personal lives. A simple smile, holding the door, and a sincere "thank you" are easy to do.
Just reminder; insincerity can be spotted a mile away. If you do things like this solely for the gain, it will backfire on you big time.

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