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- Woodrow Wilson

Saturday, January 21, 2017

You know we have it good, when you're outraged over what might happen

As some of my more liberal friends like, share, and post stuff in support of the women's march going on in DC right now, I can't help but think how good we really have it in America. From what I've seen from my couch today, the gathering on DC is very impressive. Even more impressive when you figure they have absolutely nothing to be outraged about.

When the motive of your demonstration and  the focal point of your outrage is that the new President might be a threat to you rights, based on your emotional reaction to him being elected; things are pretty damn good in your life.

Many in America used to demonstrate because of actual oppression. Now days it's over the potential of it. Sorry uber liberal women, having to pay for your own birth control with your own money is not oppression. It's something called responsibility.

Now is Trump a great choice for our President? Nope. But as the election has proved, he is the marginally better option between two normally un-electable choices presented to us from the two major political parties. Barely marginal.

But I may be wrong on that, for after all, I'm not a woman. Since I'm a male, I may not see that just become a woman won the popular vote for the Presidency, women have been nominated by this apparent sexist pig of a President to Cabinet level positions, roughly half of the Supreme Court of the United States is female, along with many members of Congress, State Governors, a woman CEO of a major corporation ran very good Presidential campaign under the flag of the evil woman hating GOP party.......

I'm sorry, while listing off some examples of accomplished women, I forgot what the problem was.

Oh yeah, Trump's going to destroy the world because he's said mean things...... If you need me, I'll be hiding under a blanket in my safe place.

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